How to get 5-star rating from driving UberSeptember 6, 2016

How to get 5-star rating from driving Uber

For Uber to maintain a respectful and safe environment they always ask for the feedback of the rider to find out that how well the driver performed. Being a professional Uber driver with a 5-star rating is not an easy task. You have to make sure that the customer is happy with your services because will enable them to reward you with the perfect rating you deserve.


Tips to get the 5-star rating

Here are some of the simple tips that are not only easy to follow but will also get you the rating you require to become a top Uber driver:


Uber driver should make sure that they follow all the rules of the road and drive safely. Smooth braking and acceleration will make the riders feel comfortable and easily trust you as a competent safe driver.

Begin and end trip on time:

Punctuality is of paramount experience. Always make sure that you pick the rider on time. After that, start the trip when the rider enters your car and end your trip when you have reached the destination. This will make it easy to collect the correct fare and there will be no confusion or rider contesting the fare.

Take the best route:

It’s advisable that you ask the rider about their route preference. Some of the riders like to show you the way and giving them the authority will make them happy and feel that you respect their choice.

Some riders prefer that you follow the GPS Navigator. Ask your rider about the navigation app that they will prefer and then take the route they desire.

Be polite:

You have to make sure that you greet the rider in a polite and friendly way and follow the given instructions:

  • During the ride, keep your phone usage to the minimum.
  • All riders are not very talkative, so give them the environment they like during the ride.

Clean car:

Make sure that you get your car is cleaned on regular basis. A rider prefers a clean and fresh smelling car. Also, use the mild smelling fresheners. Avoid strong scents.

Choose media wisely:

Ask your rider if he would like to hear some music. Ask about their preference on music and if they do not have any make a wise selection that is not offensive to the values of the rider.


You must have an extra charger, phone mount, and vomit bags all the time in your car because they can come in handy anytime. Having such equipment make the rider feel that you care for their needs and you will score the perfect rating.

You will not start getting the 5-star rating overnight. You must work hard and follow the above-mentioned tips to prove to your rider that you are worthy of having the best rating.

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